Nico Damian Lenz (*1998) is a photographer from Berlin. He focuses on portraits, documentary works and conceptual series. His works create a harmonious view of identity and sexuality and appear familiar. 



(2019 - DE) “447THz” group exhibiton, Berlin Neukölln

(2019 - NL) “the invented city”, noorderlicht international Photofestival, Groningen

(2019 - DE) “intervention” group exhibiton, Rathaus Schöneberg

(2020 - DE) “Front” group exhibition for European Month of Photography, Berlin Mitte

(2022 - DE) “OUTRO” graduation exhibition, Berlin Lichtenberg

(2022 - DE) Group Exhibition for 48h Neukölln, Lokal Lenaustraße 20, Berlin Neukölln

(2022 - DE) “Growth” - group exhibition, Cafe Muschkebart, Berlin Lichtenberg